Get better bug reports with Usersnap integration

Thomas Peham from Usersnap on April 20, 2016


Assembla & Usersnap teamed up to improve your project and client communication.

Client communication is one of the biggest frustrations when collaborating with clients, according to a recent survey report.

Companies (and the developers, designers, and managers within them) are frustrated not due to technical issues or too much work. It’s about the way web development and design companies communicate with their clients.

At Usersnap, we rethink the way we communicate. With visual elements (such as screenshots, emojis and others) at our fingertips, we make communicating inside projects easier. And more fun.

By integrating Usersnap with Assembla, we’ve found a new, more efficient way to run our web projects, bug reports, and customer feedback.

From start to finish: a long way to go

Working on a new web project, like a new website, means going through various project stages. From the idea phase, to designing a first prototype, to releasing the new website or app and measuring results.


In order to ensure efficient project handling, we as designers, developers and project managers rely on project management tools like Assembla.

The great news about working seamlessly in these two platforms: You do not need to go back to email and phone calls when communicating with your clients.

With the new Usersnap integration for Assembla, you can run your projects directly inside Assembla and receive your customer’s feedback, change requests or bug reports into your Assembla tickets thanks to the Usersnap integration.

Assembla & Usersnap: a perfect fit

In the past, working on a web project usually required you to use various tools, such as a project management tool, managing all project deliverables, a bug reporting tool, storing all bugs and issues, a code versioning system, a place to communicate with your clients, and so on.

A pretty old, and inefficient way of running your projects.


Luckily those times are over now.

How it works

With the all new Assembla integration from Usersnap, you don’t need to leave Assembla any longer.


All tasks, change and feature requests, and bug reports can now be managed inside Assembla.

With the new Usersnap integration, your customers (and website visitors too) can easily leave feedback or send you a change request in form of screenshots.


All screenshots are then sent to your Assembla projects. Sounds great, right?

How to connect Assembla with Usersnap?

Connecting Assembla with Usersnap is easy. It’s done within a couple of minutes. I promise.

Just follow these three steps:

  1. Sign up for a free Usersnap trial at
  2. Embed the Usersnap feedback button on your website or in your web application.
  3. Select the Assembla integration inside your Usersnap settings (here’s a full guide)

That’s it - you’re done.


Save endless hours and make your life easier

Next time your customers want to send you some design feedback or want to report a bug, you can let them use the Usersnap feedback widget. Instead of confusing email threads or bug reports, you’ll receive a screenshot of what your users actually saw and experienced.

And the best part: additional information (such as browser version, OS, etc.) are automatically attached to every screenshot. So you don’t need to give your customers a hard time doing all that research. Everything’s done automatically :)

Anything else?

Need any further help, setting up your Assembla projects with Usersnap? Drop us an email at or check out this detailed guide.


Be smart. Try Usersnap. And save 20%.

The first 30 people signing up for a Usersnap account using the Assembla integration will get a 20% discount on all Usersnap plans.


PS: There’s a free trial available as well. Just give it a test drive for 15 days.