Save time and stay up-to-date with the latest repo news with our Trello Power-Up

Paul Lynch on October 9, 2017

In late September, we launched Enterprise Cloud Version Control (ECVC), the culmination of lots of time, thought, and energy from our entire team.

We made improvements to our core system, doubled down on SVN, and focused our energy on continually finding ways to improve cloud version control solutions. ECVC is our stake in the ground, our commitment to meeting the version control needs of enterprises.

So why the focus on enterprises? They manage an army of moving parts and are under severe pressure to move to the cloud to not only stay competitive but also to be able to work with partners who are in the cloud. But bigger companies don’t have the flexibility to compromise on certain things, like performance or security. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

Along with the need to move to the cloud, modern enterprises manage tool belts that would make a one-person dev shop’s head spin. Managing so many tools presents headaches of its own. Nothing is more disruptive than switching from one tool to another when you’ve finally hit your stride on a project.

Enterprise developers have to use additional project management software to communicate progress they've already made. That might only take a minute or two each time, but after a few updates, you're talking about minutes and hours spent bouncing back and forth between apps. This is frustrating...and slows down the whole team.

To address this pain point, we’re integrating with best-in-class cloud tools.

Assembla + Trello: a match made in process heaven

Our newest integration is a Trello power-up. With a strikingly simple user experience that improves the productivity of global teams, Trello was a natural choice for an Assembla integration. We’re excited to ease the burden on developers and streamline our users’ workflows with this power-up.

Integrating your Assembla repos with Trello makes it easy for project managers and administrators to track project completion since merge request details will now show up right in Trello cards.

See the power-up in action

Whenever a developer submits a merge request, you’ll see a quick snapshot on a Trello card for context like who created the merge request, when it was created, and more. Check out the integration in action in our tutorial video.

 You can learn more about our Trello Power-up at the Assembla help center.