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NextGen SVN™: A Look Behind the Curtain for Apache's Subversion©

Assembla recently hosted a powerhouse of Subversion experts and community members to discuss where SVN is and where it’s going. The conversation was an in-depth and ... Read more

How to best handle bugs in your agile practices

  Are your current error management practices slowing your team down? If you are using agile methodologies in your organization, it’s likely that: You are a CTO, Dev... Read more

Big Clients & Long Engagements: Burning Questions & Practical Answers

When we noticed many Assembla users asking about how to get bigger clients and how to take those clients from a project-based relationship to a long-term partnership... Read more

Big Clients - who wins them and why?

At Assembla, we have noticed some interesting trends: Web development companies and agencies that have big clients seem to keep getting more big clients - almost as ... Read more