subversion svn 1.9.6

Assembla is now Upgraded to SVN 1.9.6

Subversion 1.9.6 was released to the community on July 5th, and Assembla has tested and upgraded our system for this latest release. The last stable r... More >

subversion security

Upgrade to Subversion Version 1.8.13

Last week Assembla deployed a new version of Subversion - version 1.8.13. Here are the release notes. This release fixes some vulnerabilities that att... More >

continuous delivery git subversion renzoku

The Compare Report for Git & Subversion

We have improved the Compare Report for Continuous Agile use cases. The Compare Report can be found via the "Compare" subtab of you repository. It can... More >

assembla releases subversion

Announcing Subversion 1.8 with Improved Merge

Assembla servers have been upgraded to Apache Subversion 1.8. This new release includes some new features and many improvements. The release notes are... More >

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Calling All Hackers - Automate Git and SVN Workflo...

A Contest for Hackers Recently we released an exciting feature, Server Side Hooks for our hosted Git and Subversion repositories. Today we present to ... More >

continuous delivery development process distributed development build/release management subversion continuous integration application management application maintenance

Something Cool with Hosted Repositories at Assembl...

We announced our latest feature Server Side Hooks the other day. But before we even did that, something very cool happened, we got our first hook subm... More >

continuous delivery tickets/issue tracking git repository repositories build/release management subversion application management application maintenance

Server Side Hooks on a SaaS repository? ✓

Oh BTW, you can have Server Side Hooks in a SaaS Repository. Cloud repository hosts have failed us. The power of hosting your repository locally is th... More >

development process repositories subversion

Access Control Lists for Your Subversion Repositor...

We are happy to announce that we have implemented an Access Control List (ACL) for Subversion directories. ACL workflow allows you to restrict directo... More >

development process git repositories subversion git/gerrit workflow renzoku

Put Down Your Forks - Introducing Protected Branch...

Lets talk about forks. They are so awesome for open source. Why? A fork is a natural way to give external contributors a place to work Really, that is... More >

perforce git collaboration repositories subversion

Keep Your Codebase Maintainable - Introducing Inli...

Code Review is an essential practice for teams that want to have a Maintainable Codebase. Some teams go as far as instituting peer programming, where ... More >

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