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Do More Directly From the Assembla Web App: New Re...

We recently updated our UI/UX to empower our users to do more directly from the Assembla WebApp. The upgraded UI/UX extends across SVN, Git, and Perfo... More >

product new features

Better Search Results Faster: Upgraded Assembla Se...

Making Assembla an intuitive experience where our clients’ most critical repositories can live securely in the cloud is our number one priority. With ... More >

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New Slack Integration: Dedicate a Channel to Repo ...

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Slack integration today! This integration is free and notifies users of Assembla repo events in ... More >

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New: Merge Requests in the Assembla SVN Web App

Here at Assembla, our goal is to provide our users secure, high-quality version control without sacrificing the benefits of the cloud. That’s why we s... More >

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Color Code Your Tags for Better Organization

Organizing and tagging tickets just got easier.  You can now color code tags in 8 different colors for better ticket management. More >

new features

Get Instant Search Results for Tickets, Merge Requ...

We’ve updated the Assembla app to give you a new and improved way to search content within your project’s space. More >

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