Cleaner-Better-Faster: The New Ticket Styles You Asked For

Marcin Ksiazkiewicz on February 18, 2016

WHO: Assembla tickets users.
WHY: You want improved UX and readability and upgraded performance; and we are laying the foundation for future real time features.
WHAT: A new UI that is easier to read, navigate, and scan visually. Based on a new lightweight stylesheet approach, performance is also improved.
HOW: The feature is live in all Assembla accounts. Just access your tickets for the new experience.

We often get requests to improve the UX of Assembla. As with all user suggestions, we work to make a product that works and looks the way you want it to. 


These latest design improvements are not a major UX overhaul. The idea was to cleanup the code and introduce our new single responsibility principle styles, rather than classic semantic CSS approach. This will allow us to maintain our code easier, massive reduce weight of css files, prevents styles conflicts and opens for more improvements in future. As well, as will let us to handle real time features, which we have introduced not so long ago, much better.


On the way we tried to cleanup the design itself without any major changes in UX or work flow. So it was focused on things like:

  • Removing design noise ( like unnecessary borders & boxes, putting a bit more air into the design ).
  • Improve readability in general ( better typography & colorization )
  • Make navigating through sections better and faster
  • Improve the mobile experience, as new styles by completely utilizing responsive design approach.
  • Highlight and make use of real time features
  • Upgrade performance with lightweight styles.
  • Add quick edit / edit in place features which would be introduced soon together with couple more small improvements.



As always, please let us know what you think of this new design. We learn from your feedback and use it to continually improve the product.