Get Answers and Make Yourself Heard, in a Flash

Artur Kremens on March 15, 2016


WHO: Assembla users who discuss tasks and tickets
WHY: You want to discuss something NOW
WHAT: Your browser will show new ticket comments, images, and changes with a flashing tab over the ticket detail page.
HOW: When a browser tab is open on an Assembla ticket, and someone updates the ticket, the browser tab will flash and show the number of new changes.

Ticket comments and mentions are a great way to get answers and create conversations. WIth real-time updates, you can even drop into a ticket and have a chat.  But, how do you know when someone is waiting for you? How do you get attention from your teammates? The browser will call you in for a conversation by flashing a tab.


Now when someone on your team changes any field or adds new comments to a ticket open in your browser, you will get instant notification. The title of the tab of the changed tickets will flash and display the number of changes.

In our testing, this flashing UI works well because our team members often keep many tickets open in several browser tabs while they work.  

Keep looking for the flash.  You can be the communications superhero, violate the laws of physics, user your superhuman reflexes, and react with lightening speed.

What do you think of the flashing tabs? Please let us know in the comments below.