Give Your Comments Superpowers

Artur Kremens on February 18, 2016

WHO: Users of Assembla Tickets and Assembla Repos.
WHY: You need a simpler and more powerful text editor.
WHAT: The updated editor allows you to attach images and has better navigation.
HOW: Attach images by drag and drop, paste image from clipboard to editor, use upload button, or use an existing image - available now!

There is a Chinese proverb that says:
"Tell me, and I'll forget;
Show me and I'll remember;
Involve me and I'll understand"

In Assembla, you have always been able to tell your team your thoughts in ticket comments, now you can also show them and involve them.

A picture is worth a thousand words 

Goal: Easily attach images in editor

Description: Now you can add images or screenshots to your ticket descriptions or comments with automatically created markup:

Options: There are several simple options to add images:

  1. Drag and drop a saved image into the editor area
  2. Take a screenshot, copy it to clipboard (For Mac cmd+shift+ctrl and Win Alt+PtrScr) and paste into editor area (For mac cmd+v or Win ctrl+v )
  3. Open the image dropdown and use the upload button
  4. Open image dropdown and enter the name of an existing file in Files Tool

Note: The Files Tool is required to use this option. Each uploaded file will be saved in your space's Files Tool in the "uploads" directory.  After you upload a new image, the correct markup will be added into editor content. You can use preview button to show parsed description.



There is no time to leave important words unsaid

Goal: Easier and faster keyboard navigation

Description: For fast typing, there are now buttons and keyboard shortcuts for important functions.


The toolbar buttons (and their keyboard shortcuts), starting at the left side: 

  1. Bold text - shortcut keyboard combination ‘Ctrl/Cmd + B’ 
  2. Italic text - shortcut keyboard combination ‘Ctrl/Cmd + I’
  3. Header - shortcut keyboard combination ‘Ctrl/Cmd + 1’
  4. Code block - shortcut keyboard combination ‘Ctrl/Cmd + K’
  5. Numeric list - shortcut keyboard combination ‘Ctrl/Cmd + E’
  6. Bulleted list - shortcut keyboard combination ‘Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + E’
  7. Link to external source - shortcut keyboard combination ‘Ctrl/Cmd + L’
  8. Image - shortcut keyboard combination ‘Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + I’


The road ahead


Our product team is working on some exciting features that will be coming your way shortly. For example, soon, instead of manually searching the name of an existing file in the Files Tool, we will add autocomplete with image previews to find the file.

If you have any suggestions for other features you would like us to build, please let us know in the comments below.