The Winners of Unreal Engine’s #ue4jam “Snowball Effect” Are In!

Christine Cremonni on January 10, 2017


snowball effect.jpg

Last month, we were excited to have sponsored a successful #ue4am! An event hosted by the Unreal Engine Community, #ue4jam was a weekend event for game development teams to compete against each other and build a game on Assembla’s platform in accordance to a theme.

December’s theme: Snowball Effect.

With Assembla’s sponsorship, we provided a platform for game development teams to build iterations of their game using our Perforce repositories.  As a project management platform, we know Assembla is an effective asset to any gaming developer, and we were excited to watch Assembla’s continuing emergence within the gaming community.

With 65 participating developers and 42 submitted games, the winners for the Snowball Effect are in and they are:

    1. “Snowball Tennis” by Succubi in Hats, a Local Multiplayer Air Hockey designed game
    2. “Not Enough Snow” by Derzo, a snowball puzzle game
    3. “Age of Snowpires” by Bohrium, a snowball war RTS

The jam was a fantastic way to display Assembla’s budding commitment to the gaming community, and the ease with which our platform can be used to develop games.

As the only on demand Perforce provider in the cloud and with our suite of project management tools for any agile team, game developer agencies are using Assembla to launch their games.

In the coming months, we'll be sharing more stories on our game development customers including Airship Syndicate, and hope to continue expanding our influence within the gaming community. 

Interested in developing a game using Assembla? Visit our Gamers’ Starting Guide and start developing! Assembla is looking forward to doing more sponsorships with the gaming community, and continuing to develop our relationship!

Will you be at GDC? Let us know! Our CTO, Jacek Materna, would love to meet you.