The Game Dev Conundrum and Other Topics from Gamesforum Seattle

Jacek Materna on November 6, 2018

Last week the team and I attended Gamesforum in Seattle, a gathering for those interested in the business of games. While there, I participated in two speaking panels, as well as tons of one-off conversations, and the core issue that teams are facing is that as they are getting bigger, they are needing to do more with less. How to do that is the question on everyone’s mind.   

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the “Building Better Games with the Right DevOps Tools” talk, you can get a copy of the slides here. During this talk, Chuck Gehman, Technical Marketing Engineer from Perforce, and I discussed how, with the ever-changing landscape of cloud development, securing and managing source code is only getting more complex.

Key topics from this talk included:
1. Devops for game development and its pesky nuances
2. Versioning best practices for game development
3. How to map your source code management solutions to your devops life cycle for a more secure, more exact, and less expensive devops ecosystem

In the second panel discussion, titled “UX in a Cross Platform Age,” I joined leaders from 343, Bungie, and Kaboom as we discussed the importance of creating great user experiences for cross platform games and exploring where designers will need to compromise to succeed.

Both talks and my discussions with other attendees focused on the growing complexity of game development and centered on a common trend: game studios are relying more and more on external development partners. Because of this, it is critically important that studios and partners can collaborate using best-in-class tools for technologies such as Perforce.

Last, thanks to all who attended the Assembla happy hour. It was wonderful continuing our conversations off of the conference floor.

All in all, it was time well spent learning more from customers and those in the gaming industry about  the challenges they are facing and ways Assembla can help.