Stanford Student Space Initiative Chooses Assembla

Christine Cremonni on February 15, 2017

stanford space initiative uses assembla

Assembla is incredibly excited about our developing partnership with the Stanford Student Space Initiative (SSI), the largest project-based student group at Stanford University. Established in 2013, the SSI aims to provide students interested in pursuing a career in space development with hands-on experience to continue expanding the next age of the space industry.

Balloons, Rockets and More

The SSI has six areas of development: balloons, rockets, satellites, operations, policy, and biology. Each team focuses specifically on one of these topics and its individual relationship with space, and they all have astounding accomplishments. They have flown a zero gravity experiment with NASA, furthered the development of bidirectional laser communication for satellites, inspired teams around the world to build and launch high altitude balloons, certified over 35 members of SSI for high powered rocketry, and are currently developing the first device to synthesize DNA in space.

Assembla has been talking closely with Sasha Maldonado, one of the SSI Satellite Team Leads, to learn more about some of SSI’s accomplishments. On November 5, 2016, they set the world record, breaking their previous one, for the longest duration flight of a latex balloon. Originated in 2014, the balloon, christened ValBal for “Valve-Ballast,” was in development and testing for over a year and a half before the flight from Modesto, CA to Quebec City, Canada. Such an accomplishment demonstrates the patience, technique, and dedication needed to achieve the level of expertise that the SSI holds themselves to.

Check out this video to see what this talented team is up to. 



Why Assembla

The SSI has an overwhelming assortment of files for their projects, and uses Assembla SVN to store such information that has contributed to their production of twenty circuit boards, assisted in the expansion of their electronic component libraries, and the ongoing development of their balloons, rockets, and satellites. Assembla is honored to sponsor a group devoted to the future of engineering, technology, and space; we are excited to watch SSI initiate more cutting edge projects for space technology.