Security in the cloud: NextGen SVN™  is here!

Laith Dahiyat on November 29, 2017

Over the last few months, we’ve made key investments to improving Subversion and catering to the needs of its community. We know that SVN offers the security enterprises need and we believe in its future as a viable VCS.

Today we’re excited to announce the arrival of NextGen SVN, now available for client and server installations. NextGen SVN provides the security and compliance enterprises need, all with the power of the cloud.

NextGen SVN™ highlights:


We’ve collaborated with the open source community to be the first to deliver an all new version of TortoiseSVN and Subversion with shelving (and soon checkpointing). These features have been requested by the community since 2009. You can download TortoiseSVN now:

Assembla has acquired Cornerstone, the leading Subversion client for MacOS. 

We’ve also developed the only SVN iOS Mobile application that will be available for download soon. The app gives customers the power to manage asset sharing via locking, track repository changes and find root causes via blame.

SVN Blame

NextGen SVN is available for  client and server installations. Clients include Cornerstone for MacOS Tortoise SVN for Windows and cmd line apps for macOS. Server installations are available for Windows, ubuntu, CentOS and debian.

With the fastest SVN experience in the world, keep the security and compliance features you love about SVN, with the benefits of the cloud. Our mission is to make SVN modern, cloud-like, and secure and NextGen SVN is just the beginning.

Give feedback and contribute to the Assembla Subversion project on GitHub.

Ready to experience NextGen SVN™?

Download it today or contact our sales team at (800) 405 - 4408.