Secure Your Source Code. Move to Assembla.

Laith Dahiyat on September 13, 2018

Secure Git Email Header-1Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Secure Git™— the most secure, easiest-to-deploy Git solution on the market.

Spending on breach mitigation is at an all-time high, yet so are breaches. According to the Department of Homeland Security, 90% of breaches happen because of vulnerabilities in the source code. This is a clear indication that the current Git market is failing enterprises when it comes to properly protecting code and offering a fully secure enterprise solution. The overwhelming popularity of Git coupled with inherent vulnerabilities in code present an opportunity to improve the current state of source code security.

What Is Secure Git?

Secure Git furthers Assembla’s ability to serve security and compliance-focused organizations, while giving software developers everything they need to build excellent code.

Assembla has offered Git for more than a decade. We are no stranger to version control. We are taking our expertise and making Git more secure, faster to deploy and easier to use by adding key upgrades to Assembla Private Cloud and offering white glove support so you don’t have go it alone.

Assembla and Security

Securing the world’s code is our top priority. We have made key investments and will continue to double down in mitigating security risks for our customers. To date, Assembla is PCI Compliant, Privacy Shield 


Certified, a member of the Cloud Security Alliance and SOC 2 compliant. Secure Git is another step on our journey to ensuring that customers can move development to the cloud while maintaining regulatory and security requirements.

Assembla Private Cloud: Performance and Control

We’ve offered our customers a wide array of hosting options for some time now. Assembla Private Cloud provides customers the best of both worlds for their Git repository: support and updates as if you were SaaS, but security as if on-premise.

The next iteration of Assembla Private Cloud adds additional flexibility to spin up an on-prem/private cloud instance for those with strict security requirements. Customers can get started with a private instance for their Git repo in less than 60 seconds. One click and an email later, you can begin developing. Other providers' processes aren't nearly as seamless or quick and can take hours if not days to get started.

With the updated Assembla Private Cloud, customers

  • Can easily update software version images
  • Have devops and support teams utilize the web interface to troubleshoot and support Assembla, while maintaining their security requirements
  • No longer have to choose between scalability and security
  • Have more choice for geographical hosting options for optimal performance
  • Will have access to regular automated updates to the Assembla App
  • Use a deployment mechanism that allows Assembla to more quickly update their app version and help support bug issues

White Glove Customer Support

We know our customers are smart and can problem solve with the best of them, but when needed, Assembla is here to help. We will continue to offer SaaS-level support that is responsive yet tailored to individual deployments. We will be giving you access to people, not PDFs. At Assembla, we are always on and always available. We don’t sleep at night so you can sleep soundly.

Try Secure Git for free. Sign up for a 14-day trial, create an account and import your existing Git repo into Secure Git, instantly.