Real Time notification center keeps your workflow moving

Jacek Materna on July 26, 2016


One of our goals for Assembla moving forward is a smooth and seamless workflow for our #projectplanning and #agile users. We know that every time you have to leave the tool or refresh the browser, it is not only time wasted, but breaks your workflow. As part of our real time roadmap, we are making all key areas of the app "browser refresh-free."

So, we have been looking at our usage data and feedback. You told us that you wanted an easier way to stay up to date on changes within Assembla and we listened. So today, as part of double feature Tuesday we’re excited to launch the real-time notification center!

What is it?

The new center will deliver relevant and important messages to you about @mentions and product updates. The notification center benefits from our move of all major front-end pieces to ReactJS. Javacript websockets creates a desktop experience in-browser by avoiding page refreshes.

New notifications will be delivered within your navigation bar. Similar to the notifications you get in other tools such as LinkedIn, your Assembla notifications app will tell you when:

  1. You have a new message or someone mentions you
  2. New features or functionality are available for you via Product Updates
  3. Reminders about key activities you should do when starting a new project


How does it work?

Clicking on the red notifications icon will open the notifications stream. Here, you’ll find a description of what’s new, along with helpful images and documentation to get you started. I typically leave one tab open with my stream always exposed to keep an eye on what's happening in real-time! Its a really useful dashboard for my day to day activities.

The information about the update will be right there in your notification feed; no need to navigate away to another page to check it out. You’ll be able to look through recent changes, so whether you log in every hour or every week, you’ll always be up to date.


We plan to keep working hard on the notifications center to make it more customizable and add more types of important events such as due dates, so expect more functions in the feed in the future. We hope you enjoy the feature and find it useful for keeping your workflow moving.

Your feedback and comments were the driving force behind this refinement. We thank you for them. Our summer goal is to continue to pivot Assembla to focus on our customers. We are working on a UX roadmap including summer treats for you #projectplanners and #agile developers using our task management tools and repositories. Stay tuned for a follow-up blog about our summer plans!