You Work Quickly, Now Your Cardwall Does Too! #RealTimeProductivity

Artur Kremens on July 4, 2016


Today, something exciting is happening with my cardwall (and yours, too!). It is working as quickly as my team is working.

The cardwall has gone real-time, it is exciting to behold, and it’s already powering our team’s productivity. There are 8 cool enhancements that are making it faster and easier than ever before to work together on projects.

This is our #realtimeproductivity release and we think you will like it. All of these features are available today in all Assembla accounts, so no action (or upgrade) is needed - simply start working faster right away!  

1. Real-Time Cardwall

WHY: To always be in the know and work with the most updated information.
WHAT: When anyone on a team makes changes to tickets, it is shown in real-time on the cardwall, with no need to refresh the page. We now know instantly about changes such as any time any team member:

  • Creates a new ticket
  • Edits anything in an existing ticket (priority, assignment, details, status, etc.)
  • Drags and drops a ticket to another column


2. Quick Relations

quick_relations.pngWHY: To easily visualize status of all related tasks.
WHAT: Often cardwalls have many cards (sometimes even hundreds!) and it becomes challenging to find the cards that are related to a specific epic. Now, there is a new icon that, when clicked, will filter the cardwall to show only the related tickets. It is now easier to see progress on all related tasks and identify roadblocks.

3. Faster Filters

WHY: To quickly sfasterfilters.pngee only what’s important to you without distractions.
WHAT: You can now create custom reports and filter cardwall views faster than ever. The streamlined interface is more intuitive and enables you to create views for the specific workflows used by your team.

As always, you can save your filters for easy access to the views that are most helpful for the way you work.

4. Full Screen Mode

fullscreen.pngWHY: For a cleaner dashboard-like “kiosk mode” of your new real-time cardwall to show on large screens in your office or include in presentations.
WHAT: You can maximize the area available by switching to Full Screen Mode so that your cardwall fills the window, the header and menu are removed, and you can focus people’s attention on the important tasks in your project.

5. Prioritize...or Don’t

priority.pngWHY: For control of the cardwall’s prioritization to see your cards in the order that’s right for you.
WHAT: You can now opt out of ordering cards by priority and arrange them as you like them. Simple select “Do not sort” and then drag and drop cards as you like. Then, easily select to have them sorted by priority again.

6. In-Cardwall Quick Creation of Tickets

quickcreate.pngWHY: To quickly log new items as tickets.
WHAT: At the top and bottom of each cardwall column, there is a “+” icon to launch the creation of a new ticket. The status of the ticket will automatically populate according to the column from which it was created.

7. In-Cardwall Quick Edit of Tickets

editticket.pngWHY: To easily edit tickets within the cardwall.  
WHAT: You will notice a new “Edit” pencil icon on each card on your wall. Clicking it will give you quick access to edit all of your ticket’s basic and custom fields, just like in the ticket itself. You can quickly update the values of:

  • Status
  • Priority
  • Assignment
  • Milestone
  • Plan level
  • Tags
  • Description

You can now edit tickets from this view, reducing the number of steps required to make changes and making it seamless to manage the project’s tasks from a single place: your cardwall!

8. Images in Cardwall

imagesincardwall.pngWHY: To see the graphics associated with specific tickets on the cardwall.
WHAT: The first image added to a ticket (using Assembla markup) will be shown on the cardwall view of the ticket. Use it to show pictures of brainstorming sessions or architecture diagrams, design sketches, or other graphic files needed by your team.

The CW: Dare to Defy

There is a television network in the US called the CW. It is home to shows about superheroes. Fittingly (though not planned at all), at Assembla, we abbreviate “cardwall” as CW and our cardwall is also home to superheroes of all kinds (especial Agile Bug-Beating Superheroes, this month).

Our developer heroes have done an amazing job this month making a CW that truly dares to defy and enables #realtimeproductivity. I am loving my new cardwall and my team is already reporting working faster and more intuitively. What do you think about these improvements? Let us know in the comments below.

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