Resolve Software Bugs Faster with Raygun + Assembla

Nick Harley from Raygun on March 16, 2016


In a perfect world, we would all have an endless stream of happy customers using the products we create (and telling their friends!) and offering complimentary feedback of how our product improved their business/health/finances/life (which we would receive while sipping margaritas on a white-sand beach).

In reality, we have all experienced a disgruntled customer who reports an issue they encountered with our product. It’s never a good thing and the pressure is on to find and fix the problem quickly in order to make the customer happy again.

It’s usually at this point that the problem for the customer turns into a problem for the development team. Customer support staff look for answers quickly and when you request more details from the customer, you get a vague recollection of when and where they encountered the bug: “It happened when I clicked the blue thingy in the shopping cart page.” Not very useful for debugging purposes. If only you had the stack trace, or could find the exact error that happened to that user so you could diagnose it…

Well, you can get all of that information and all that stands in your way is a few lines of code.

The answer is called Raygun and it now integrates with Assembla.

By adding a small Raygun code snippet to any application (web or mobile), errors will be detected automatically as they occur in your applications. Then, full diagnostic information will be provided for each occurrence in your Raygun dashboard. For best results, Raygun is designed to be run in production environments.

Your entire workflow around issue management as a tech team is about to be revolutionized!

For Assembla users, this gets even more interesting, because once the errors have been reported to Raygun, you can easily create new Assembla tickets for your team with just a few clicks.

Let's see how to set this up and what the integration looks like.

Firstly, we’ll assume you already have a Raygun account and are reporting errors from your application to your Raygun dashboard, which will look like this:


You’ll see all errors are nicely grouped so you can easily see which errors are causing the greatest problem and affecting the most users. The dashboard can be filtered by time, date, browser, operating system and more, to give you the errors you want to diagnose.

You can even plug in authenticated user information so you can even search for the specific user who reported an issue, neat huh? When you click on an error group, you can view the diagnostic details for that particular occurrence.


From here, you can diagnose the issue, including seeing the full stacktrace. This may make your jaw drop already, but what if you want to create a new ticket in Assembla so you can work with your team to rectify the problem? You can do that under ‘Integrations’ in the left hand menu. Here you’ll find a bunch of tools Raygun integrates with. We’ll choose Assembla here.


Then, you will need to authorize your Assembla account connect the two products. Then, select the Assembla space to link to. Save this and you are all set.


When viewing error details in Raygun, you can then select the Integrations dropdown at the top of the page.


From here, you can choose to create a new ticket, but you also have the option to link the issue with an existing one already created in Assembla.


Now that the error report in Raygun is linked with the ticket in Assembla, you can see a link at the top of the error details page in Raygun, clicking this will take you  directly to the ticket in Assembla for this error.


You can now assign team members, loop in support staff and put this into your workflow within your team’s Assembla account. You can also easily click to return to Raygun at any stage and view the error diagnostic information again.


That’s it, pretty simple right?

Here is a video that explains how it is done:

Next time you receive a bug report from a customer, think about how much of your time is taken up by trying to diagnose the problem yourself, digging through log files or having a lack of information. With Raygun, you can be more productive as a tech team and build healthier apps for your customers, plus spend less time fixing bugs and spend it shipping new features!

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