Perforce Users Rejoice: Spin Up Assembla On-Demand in the EU in as little as 60 seconds

Laith Dahiyat on July 2, 2018

In April of this year, we announced the expansion of our cloud infrastructure to include a data center in the EU. The addition of the Frankfurt region is a sign of both our commitment to our clients in the EU and the progress we’ve made as an organization.

Now we are bringing global, on-demand Perforce to the cloud. The Assembla EU Cloud is now live and we'll be adding more locations soon. Our nearly two year relationship with Perforce is growing and we are bringing the market new ways to spin up Perforce, including the ability to deploy in 60 seconds or less.

Over the past two years, our team has been hard at work to bring a global, on-demand Perforce experience for gaming and entertainment studios. Our customers can’t get enough! We've been lucky to work with customers in this space, including game development platform, Unity, and can't wait to bring the benefits of global, on-demand Perforce to our clients.

Over the past year, we’ve seen a 75% rise in Perforce users, and a large portion of those users are part of our gaming and entertainment client base. This is remarkable growth and we think it’s a great indicator of what’s to come.

What this means.

  • We now offer an EU-based on-demand solution for Perforce repositories, meaning clients can choose between a US or EU Assembla On-demand experience.
  • With Perforce On-demand available on a global scale, clients can experience faster, smoother performance.
  • We’re proud to bring reliable, highly performing version control that can meet the demands of gaming and entertainment studios. Moreover, Perforce in the Cloud means a fully managed solution- no hardware, no headaches.

Check out the the official press release here.

How to get started

Ready to dive in? Give our team a call at (800) 405 - 4408 or sign up for a free Perforce trial here.