NextGen SVN™: A Look Behind the Curtain for Apache's Subversion©

Rachel Romoff on November 8, 2017

Assembla recently hosted a powerhouse of Subversion experts and community members to discuss where SVN is and where it’s going. The conversation was an in-depth and insightful look into all things Subversion.

Moderated by Assembla CTO, Jacek Materna, the panel included  Paul Hammant,  with more than 28 years of enterprise programming experience,  Marcin Kuzminski, CTO and founder of Rhode Code and Julian Foad, an SVN Developer who is currently enhancing the modern cloud work flow capabilities of Apache Subversion.

Over the course of the hour, the group discussed the power of Subversion as a capable VCS and its upcoming core improvements. They provided perspective on SVN both as users as well as technical leaders. The panel demonstrated the move to a community-first mindset for SVN.

Key Takeaways

  • Subversion, as it stands today, still has issues that need addressing. For example, merging is still painful and SVN developer team release cadence is very low. However, despite lack of “buzz” around it, SVN is still a powerful and popular VCS.
  • The future of Subversion is bright. Major updates include improved performance on the server side (LZ4 compression) and conflict resolution UX upgrade. Additionally, Assembla has been working on bringing shelving and checkpointing to the market.
  • Based on client feedback from our panel, security, monorepos, uptime and SVN in the cloud are what SVN users want to see. For a powerful Subversion (SVN) client try Cornerstone from Assembla. 

These highlights only scratch the surface of the in-depth content our panelists  covered. Sign up to watch the entire replay here and gain valuable insights on the current state of Subversion, and where it’s heading.