New: Merge Requests in the Assembla SVN Web App

Laith Dahiyat on July 20, 2017

Here at Assembla, our goal is to provide our users secure, high-quality version control without sacrificing the benefits of the cloud. That’s why we steadily make adjustments to our system to improve your experience. This type of iterative development is what next-generation Subversion is striving for, and so are we. For a full list of our recent updates, you can visit the Assembla changelog.

We have just added merge requests to SVN repos in our web app. Two users can now work simultaneously on a text file under the “copy-modify-merge” method to increase their efficiency. Once their work is complete, it’s easier than ever to combine their changes because they can create a merge request right from the web app!

However, it is important to remember that merge requests will not work for unmergeable binary files. In that case, the “lock-modify-unlock” method is more effective to avoid creating unmergeable changes to a binary file.

How do I create a merge request from the web app?

Creating a merge request in Assembla SVN is easy! To add a new merge request, simply go to the Merge Requests sub-tab of your desired SVN repository. Then, select the New Merge Request button to the right of the screen. Fill out the required fields on the next screen, and select Create Merge Request to confirm. Watch the video below or check out our user guide for more information