Manage your smaller tasks using ticket’s “ToDo Checklist”.

Marcin Ksiazkiewicz on December 10, 2020

We are happy to announce “Ticket’s ToDo Checklist” - the newest feature for Assembla which introduces a completely new component which allows users to create a draggable checklist inside the ticket content.

Add “ToDo Checklist” to your ticket description.

Simply click the new “Checklist” button on the ticket description WYSIWYG editor to add a checklist to the ticket content.

When enabled the new component is shown under the text area.

Add “Checklist” items

Simply type or paste the text and click <Enter> or “Add” button. Items are going to be created and you can start adding the next one right away. You can also paste the multiline content, in this case one list item will be created for each line of the content.

Edit, re-order and mark as completed

Checklist items may be marked as “Completed” by clicking the checkbox icon or re-ordered by drag & drop handle.

Any item may be also quickly edited in-place or deleted, using tight side icon buttons.

You can also create a new ticket basing on the list item with selected relation level.

Checklist top bar shows the progress bar and allows to filter completed items, collapse the list as well as delta all and mark all items as done.

You can find more information about this functionality in our Help Center Documentation.

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