Lock SVN Files and Directories from the Assembla Web App

Amanda Pinchbeck on June 27, 2017

We’re excited to announce SVN locking for the Assembla webapp! Now, users can perform SVN locking operations from their web browser in the Assembla web app. Users can also see who has locked a file and break or steal locks, all from the web app.

Why lock a file?

When working with files, it’s often difficult or entirely impossible to merge the changes made by two users, particularly when working with binaries. The “lock-modify-unlock” model can be used instead of the “copy-modify-merge” model in many of these cases to prevent wasted time when multiple users work simultaneously on unmergeable changes to binary files.

How does it work?

Assembla has made SVN locking in the web app quick, easy, and simple. If a file shows a grey padlock in the “Locked” column, it has been locked by the user whose profile icon is shown next to the padlock. Hovering to the left of the checkbox in the “Actions” column will make the menu icon visible. Clicking on that icon will bring up a dropdown menu with options to lock, unlock, steal a lock, or break a lock for that particular file.

If multiple files need to be affected, simply check all of the desired files and then click on the “Actions” header to lock, unlock, steal, or break all of the chosen files at once.

SVN lock all files in directory.gif

For more detailed instructions, check out SVN Locking in our help center.