Introducing Assembla Jenkins plugin

Pavel Dotsulenko on March 22, 2016


WHO: For users of Git repositories and Jenkins CI
WHY: You want to save time with automated testing.
WHAT: A Jenkins plugin that reads Assembla merge requests, builds and tests the modified software, and writes results to Assembla with an upvote or downvote on the merge request, a comment on related tickets, or custom messages.
HOW:  Install the "Assembla Merge Request Builder" plugin from the Jenkins Plugin repository.

We love our "Mr. Andrew Jenkins" bot, which saves us time by building and testing our changes, and posting results (very politely) back to merge requests and tickets.  Here is what he looks like in action:


Now you can get the bot as a Jenkins plugin.

  • This plugin fetches the source and target branches of an Assembla merge request and makes them available to your build via build parameters. 
  • Once the build completes, Jenkins can leave a comment on the merge request and related tickets indicating whether the merge request was successful.
  • Merge request will be upvoted or downvoted based on build result
  • Message templates are customizeable with any environment variables and build parameters


Ready to install it? Check out a detailed instructions on our help desk portal.

Human time is valuable.  You can save time by making the computer do automated testing of each important change, before a human looks at it. Then, you can increase quality with human code review and QA.  You can read more about this pattern, here.

Do you have a suggestion? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to contribute, the plugin is open-source!