Integrate Assembla Repositories Directly to JIRA Tickets

Amanda Pinchbeck on July 12, 2017

As the cloud version control platform for enterprises, we’re committed to helping teams automate processes via integrations with leading cloud services for release management, quality assurance, and collaboration. JIRA is a widely used project management tool among enterprise software teams and we’re pleased to announce that today you can now connect your repositories in the Assembla app to tickets in the JIRA app so you can enjoy a seamless workflow.

To upgrade to this feature, please contact us at (800) 405-4408 or

To give you a better sense of the power of the integration, we’re inviting you to a live demo where all registrants will receive free access to the integration for 14 days if they're already a registered JIRA user, so you won’t want to miss this.

Register now for our webinar, which will take place on Wednesday, July 26th at 12PM EST. In the webinar, registrants will learn how to enable their JIRA integration from the Assembla web app, modify JIRA issues directly from an Assembla repository, how to view all of their Assembla commits from the JIRA web app, and more.

What can JIRA integration do for me?

Integration with your JIRA account will allow you to create and modify JIRA issues from within Assembla. Any time a commit to your repo is made, commands can be used to change the status, assignee, tags, and comments on the specified JIRA issue.

How do I use JIRA integration?


Add JIRA to your space

Adding JIRA as an integration to your Assembla space is easy! From the toolbar at the top of the screen, simply select Integrations and then Add to the right of “JIRA”. The page will prompt you to enter your JIRA URL and login information. Once that is done, your Assembla account will now be connected to your JIRA account.

Modify JIRA issues

JIRA issues can now be modified from your desktop repo client! To relate a JIRA issue to a commit, use the issue name and a hashtag (“JIR-36 #”) to signify which issue you would like to relate your commit to. If you would like to modify the issue as well, you can add the following syntax to achieve your goal.

To change an issue’s status:

JIR-36 #status name

To add a comment to the issue:

JIR-36 #comment (Comment content must not span more than one line)

To add a tag to the issue:

JIR-36 #tag tag name

To add an assignee to the issue:

JIR-36 #assign user_name ( or user name)

JIRA display in Assembla

Information from JIRA issues can be viewed by navigating to the corresponding revision. The right of the screen shows the affected JIRA issues along with their type and priority labels.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 9.40.50 AM-1.png

For more information, visit our help center.