How to manage client projects with Assembla

Nadia Romano on April 16, 2015

Assembla's Support tool helps you manage client projects by providing an easy mechanism for your customers to collaborate with you. The Support tool integrates with the Tickets tool to provide customers a support ticket system for submitting and following issues, bugs, and feature requests. In this blog post you will learn:

  • How to configure the support tool
  • Setting permissions for your clients
  • Controlling what your clients see

Adding and Configuring the Support Tool

If you use Tickets, you can configure a Support tool that helps customers submit tickets to your ticket stream.

To add the Support tool, click on the the Admin Tab of your space, click on Tools, and then click to Add the Support Tool. Then, on the tab bar,  click on the Support Tool tab and click on settings, located on the second level of the tab navigation.

Here you can write an Instruction message to your users, featuring  the information you want them to include in their tickets.

The next step is to to set the ticket fields you want your clients to be able to see.

Assembla - Allow customers to view or edit each field

This is what your clients will see when submitting their tickets. Note that some of the basic fields have been hidden from them.What your client seesWhat your team sees

Allow your Clients to Submit Tickets via Email

If you want your clients to be able to submit tickets, bugs and feature requests via email, simply go to the Support Tool Settings and select Allow email from: watchers. Your customers will now be able to submit tickets by using the following email address: your_space_name@support.assembla.comAssembla allows clients to create tickets by sending an email.

Setting Permissions

Typically you will want your clients to have access only to the Support Tool. So, go to the Admin Tab of your Space and click on Security. Here, set watcher access to None for all tools, except for the Support Tool. You’ll want to set Edit permissions to the Support Tool for watchers. Now your clients won’t be able to see or have access to any other tool but the support tool. They will however, be able to submit support tickets.

Setting permissions in Assembla

Now that we’ve set up permissions for each tool, let’s check what your clients will actually see. I posted two screenshots here.

The first one shows what a customer sees when they access your Space. Assembla spaces - what your client sees

The second one shows what your team will see.

Adding Clients to your Space

Now that you’ve set all permissions and configured the Support Tool, you can invite your clients to the space. Go to the Team tab and invite them with the role watcher.

Assembla - adding teams



  • Will clients see each other’s tickets?

No, as long as the ticket is set to permission private, your customers will only be able to see the tickets they have submitted


  • Will my clients see all activity in the tickets they submitted?

Yes. If you want to keep internal development conversations private, you should create a different space for internal development and add a link to the support ticket.


  • Do I need to add all my clients to the space?

No, you can change permissions so that anyone can access and submit tickets to the support tool. Go to the Admin Tab of your space, then change security permissions for non members to view. Finally, in the security section, allow Edit for non member access to the support tool.


Summing It All Up 

Now you can configure the support tool, set permissions for clients, and contol what they see. You decide what works best. Assembla implements it - easily. 


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