How Secure Is Your Code? Find Out with AlphaScan™

Michael Hicklen on November 19, 2018

Ninety percent of data breaches happen because of vulnerabilities in the source code, according to the US Department of Homeland Security. Hacks resulting from passwords haphazardly left in the code are on the rise.

We are obsessed with securing your source code. From this comes AlphaScan, the premier code-scanning tool that finds and alerts managers and administrators to hard-coded passwords and access keys left in the source code.

1. Scans commits to your repository and tags any found security vulnerabilities
2. Indexes the entire repository, protecting the entire code base and not leaving anything up for grabs
3. Works in any language and on any text file because it doesn't use syntax to find vulnerabilities

Security is hardwired into our philosophy. It is  our mission to ensure that your company never be crippled due to a breach. Assembla is built from the ground up with security in mind; it isn’t retrofitted to be that way. We have invested heavily in secure infrastructure and certifications, including Privacy Shield, Level 3 PCI and CSA STAR certification, as well as SOC 2 compliance. If security is what keeps you and your teams up at night, Assembla is the right software development platform for you. How secure is your source code? Take the AlphaScan challenge and find out. Assembla’s Git and SVN version control solution is the perfect environment for code review and collaboration with the highest level of security.

Start a free trial to take the AlphaScan challenge. Simply verify your email address, import your repo and select “Start Repository Scan” from within the Assembla app.

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