Assembla Customer Spotlight: April Fools Edition

Rachel Romoff on April 1, 2018

At Assembla we recognize managing hundreds of thousands of colored eggs  isn't all that it is cracked up to be.

Assembla is “hoppy” to announce the newest member to the Assembla customer family, the world famous Easter Bunny. This childhood favorite is using Assembla in innovative ways one might not associate with egg hunts and chocolate filled baskets.

“Some people think this bunny gig is all magic, and yes, while I do have to rely on some unconventional logistics strategies, much of my operation relies on complex algorithms and state of the art source code. From egg design, to geolocation services, to identifying allergies in children, it’s a massive amount of work for one rabbit.” Bunny said.  

“Assembla is part of the magic that helps me pull it off. With multi-repo flexibility, I can hop between Git, SVN, and even Perforce. My source code is pretty darn invaluable so their commitment to security, while still giving me the power of the cloud, is a huge plus for me. Assembla helps keep the Easter magic alive for children all over the world. ”

The Bunny’s only feedback for Assembla?

“You should consider changing ‘Enterprise Cloud Version Control’ to ‘Eggs Created Very Colorfully.’”

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