And we're back...from GDC!

Nick Honegger on March 27, 2018

Image uploaded from iOS (8)-2.jpgLast week our team travelled to San Francisco for Game Developers Conference (GDC). From meeting tons of new people to exploring some of the most interactive conference booths we’ve ever seen, the entire week was a hit.

Running through the list of everything we learned and saw would take all day, but here are some of the highlights:

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 4.30.45 PM.pngOur CTO talked source code management for game devs. Jacek, our CTO, kicked off the first day of the expo with a talk on source code management. Next to talent, source code is a game studio's most valuable asset. Seamless source code management for game developers is about building stronger teams and ultimately better games.

We announced Hansoft in the cloud. We’ve partnered with Perforce since 2016 as the exclusive provider of Helix Core in the cloud. Last week, we announced a deepening of that relationship. We now provide Hansoft, the agile planning solution, in the Assembla cloud. This furthers our commitment to providing secure, and highly available source code management system in the cloud. Check out our blog post on the announcement for all the details.

We made a movie! Our partners, Perforce, interviewed some of our team for some awesome content that will be available soon. Stay tuned across our social networks in the coming weeks for the big debut.


We visited our friends and customer, Unity, at their headquarters. We’re proud to serve Unity, a market leader in the gaming engine space, as one of our customers. While we were at GDC, we got the chance to visit their office and take a spin in their photo booth!  

And of course, we got to meet tons of new people! The best part of attending conferences is getting to meet everyone and hearing about the interesting things they are working on Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!

See you next year!