Evolving Performance, Security and Flexibility, One Feature at a Time

Amanda Pinchbeck on March 8, 2018

Lately, we’ve made notable strides to make Assembla as secure and high performing for our users as possible. From becoming SOC II certified to adding user activity logs for on-demand compliance reporting, we’re excited to evolve our products and bring customers the enterprise-level security and performance they need.

Today, we’re launching several features that continue this trend.

Advanced User Permission Controls let Assembla users limit access to projects and repositories based on the type of user. Clients also have the option to customize settings for any individual user or user group. By giving users the power to customize access to all projects and repos, we’re making it easier to shift security as far left as possible.

This highly requested feature gives account admins granular control to assign access rights to everything within a project including code, tickets, and more. With this, admins can significantly reduce the amount of time they spend managing their teams.

Assembla was built to be a secure place to manage projects and code, it isn’t retrofitted to be that way. Data security is our top priority, and we’ve backed it up by actively promoting a security-oriented mindset. We’re currently Privacy Shield and Level 3 PCI certified as well as SOC II compliant. Advanced User Permission Controls is just one more way we are taking security seriously for our customers.

Next up is the ability to upload multiple files to a repo in a single step directly from the web browser.  By providing quick access to our webapp, Assembla users no longer need other tools or to log into the command line to commit new files, saving time and allowing more to get done.  Assembla has been diligently working to create a robust ecosystem for our users, from forking Tortoise SVN, to our mobile app to the recent acquisition of Cornerstone. Uploading multiple files is another step in our product evolution to provide the most flexibility for our users.

And, because details matter, Assembla has introduced Infinite Scrolling and removed the previous limit on the number of files that can be viewed in the code browser in the webapp. Users will see files automatically populate while scrolling through the code browser.  No more waiting to see your files load. Infinite scrolling offers a more seamless experience within the tool, and increased efficiencies so users can keep creating, uninterrupted.


We’re always on the lookout for ways to make our systems more valuable to our customers, whether it means saving our users a few minutes by simplifying a feature, or adding extra layers of security. To learn more about each of these features, head over to the Help Center.

If there are features you’d like to see in our tools, let us know by emailing us at