Assembla Demo For New Users | 11.9.16

Angela Bartels on November 9, 2016


Thank you for attending today's demo where our VP of Customer Success, Curtis Morris, illustrates how to create spaces, tickets, invite users and add repos. 

Here's a time stamp of the subjects discussed in today's demo:  


:50 - Dashboard Overview - Portfolios, Spaces, Activity

  • The dashboard is your home base and is where you’ll land when logging into the app.
  • Portfolio is your Assembla account. You can have multiple Portfolios if you’re part of multiple accounts. Otherwise you’ll see one Portfolio.
  • When you click into your Portfolio, you will see all your projects’ spaces that you’re assigned to and can jump to and from spaces here. 
  • Quickly see all your mentions so you can quickly review what you need to give feedback on.
  • Everything is customizable. You can go into Admin and update your branding with custom CSS. We recommend adding your company name and logo.
  • Add users, create tickets, add repos and create new Spaces all here. You can’t do any of this until you’ve created a Space so make sure to do that first.

8:35 - How to Invite Users

  • You can use the search option to search for an existing user in the database or you can add someone’s email address.
  • An invited user will receive an invitation via email.
  • Assign a role to your users - admin or member.
  • You can see whether or not a user has accepted your invitation.

10:50 - How to Create Tickets & View Tickets

  • You have a few options for viewing tickets, Cardwall vs List. At Assembla, we use Cardwall so we can easily drag and drop tickets into different status columns. Click here to check out our roadmap here. 
  • Easily create a ticket from your project’s Space.
  • Drag and drop files directly into the ticket or you can upload files.
  • You can use @mentions to notify users of the ticket.
  • You can also create sub tasks or log your work hours within the ticket.
  • On the left side, you’ll notice a variety of options including “status.” These are are all customizable.
  • You assign tickets to users or you can add followers. Followers will receive notifications when the status of the ticket changes.
  • You can also customize ticket statuses to show a unique color in the ticket list or card wall view to easily identify ticket statuses so maybe “green” means “completed/production.”
  • Going back to cardwall view, you can easily drag and drop tickets into different statuses.

15:25 - How to Add a Repo

  • Enable Repo. Repos are not enabled by default. You will need to go to Admin status to enable. 
  • In the Admin section, you will need to go to the Tools section to see the repo options.
  • We offer 3 types of Repos: Git, SVN, Perforce. 
  • Remember, you have to add a project’s Space before you can add a repo.

17:20 - How to contact Support

  • You can reach Assembla support via phone, email and chat.
    • Email:
    • Phone: 1-781-810-8222
  • You’ll notice in the bottom right corner of the screen (any page you’re on) a chat option is available.
  • Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Although questions may not be immediately answered, you are able to chat with us directly in the app.


Can you assign tickets to different groups?

The best way to do this, and the way we do it at Assembla, is to create different Spaces and invite a set of users to that Space. For example, at Assembla, we use Assembla to manage all of our projects. We have a few Spaces in our Assembla Portfolio,  one of them being labeled “Design.” We use this Space specifically for our web development projects. Our web designers, front end developers and UX designers live in this space so you can assign tickets created in this space to users within this group.