Introducing Cornerstone 4.1: Improved Performance and Flexibility, New Functionality

Laith Dahiyat on July 18, 2018

Since acquiring Cornerstone, the #1 SVN desktop app for Macs, we’ve been busy updating the product and making appropriate changes to optimize performance and user experience.

To date, we’ve added two of the most requested Subversion features, shelving and checkpointing as well as improved Cornerstone’s performance for faster overall operations and accelerated checkouts and updates.

Today we are happy to have Cornerstone 4.1 available for download

Major updates in this release: 

  • Shelving for binary files-- great for designers or multimedia projects
  • Ability for users to deregister licenses and register to a new device-- for a flexible license that works the way you do.
  • Performance improvements when connecting to and committing files to repos for a smoother Cornerstone experience and faster project lifecycle.

These updates will streamline the customer experience and prevent any interruptions for customers using Cornerstone needing to switch computer devices.

For more details on what’s new in the latest version of Cornerstone, take a look at our release notes.

Unless you already have an annual Cornerstone subscription purchased after January 15, 2018, Cornerstone 4.1 is a paid upgrade. Get 20% off at checkout with the code CSTONE41 when you upgrade to Cornerstone 4.1 here

If you’re using Cornerstone 4.0, or purchased a Cornerstone 3.1 subscription on or after January 15, 2018 upgrading to the latest version of Cornerstone is free and you can download it here.

Questions? Reach out to us at