Introducing Cornerstone 4

Laith Dahiyat on April 4, 2018

In January, we acquired Cornerstone, the # 1 SVN client for Mac. Since then, we’ve been hard at work making major improvements, adding new and highly requested features and improving app performance -- With the goal of increasing your productivity while using Subversion.

Believe me when we say we didn’t “cut any corners” with this release.

What’s new?

Cornerstone 4 is the first SVN GUI client with two of the most requested Subversion features: Shelving and Checkpointing. These feature requests date back more than 7 years and Assembla is excited to be the first to deliver them to the SVN community.

  • Shelving: You can now temporarily set aside in-process changes and revert back to the working tree toquickly fix a bug on production. Once done, simply retrieve your shelved changes and continue where you left off. We live in a world where priorities change and multitasking is necessary. Shelving makes life easier as users can now switch tasks and set changes aside for later.image6
  • Checkpointing: Not ready to contribute your changes back to the central repository? No problem! When working on a collection of local changes, save checkpoints of your work and restore the working copy to one of your previous checkpoints. This improves quality and is another step to ensure mistakes won’t make it into central code repositories.
  • image3-1Performance:  Cornerstone 4 has been rebuilt and optimized from  the ground up to take full advantage of MacOS High Sierra. Cornerstone 4 has a 3x performance improvement over previous versions, for faster overall operations and accelerated checkouts and updates. 

To learn more about this release, don’t forget to join our livestream. If you can’t make the event today, we’ll post a replay.

Ready to get started? Download Cornerstone 4 now and enjoy 14 days free. Ready to enjoy the new features year round? Great! Visit