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5 Reasons to Link Code Commits to Tickets

One of the most useful (and oldest) features in Assembla is the link from code commits to tickets.  To link a code commit to ticket 30886, you just pu... More >

AHA Rules

Six amazing things the computer can do with your p...

If you are like me, you cannot follow all of your project data streams, chats, activity, messages, and code. It's too many bits for one human.  But, s... More >

assembla releases

If you use Time and Ticket data for billing, pleas...

If you use Assembla data in invoices to clients, please email  and tell us what systems you use, and how we can make it easier. More >

system of analysis

Sketching out a System of Analysis that Saves Your...

When analysts talk about the software that runs a big organization, they use some useful jargon.  A "System of Engagement" is an application or app th... More >


Death To Configuration

Assembla's new user Start page automatically shows you things that IT thinks is important for YOU. You can't configure it.  When we were designing thi... More >

connected portfolio

Technical Components of the Connected Portfolio

During the Malaga Mission, in February of 2015, we ripped up our data flow and added a bunch of new technical components. It was an awesome developmen... More >


Application Connectors for Dropbox, Google Drive, ...

With Connected Portfolio, we’ve introduced a series of Application “Connectors” that replicate data into an Assembla workspace from cloud apps like Dr... More >

connected portfolio

Who Needs Connected Portfolio?

You need Connected Portfolio if you have a lot of projects "out there" in the cloud.   We originally designed an Assembla workspace as one place to br... More >

connected portfolio

Introducing Connected Portfolio

As of today, June 2, 2015, all of our existing Portfolio customers have been upgraded to Connected Portfolio. They're getting a batch of new features ... More >

Portfolio Management connected portfolio

My Third Generation Project Portfolio Management S...

Project portfolio management is an attempt to take something that is really hard to do – organizing a bunch of people, a vast squirming mass of wetwar... More >

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