Calling All Hackers - Automate Git and SVN Workflows, Get Assembla For Free!

Posted by Michael Chletsos and Titas Norkunas on June 28, 2013 14:50:00 PM

A Contest for Hackers

Recently we released an exciting feature, Server Side Hooks for our hosted Git and Subversion repositories. Today we present to you our first Community Contest - write Server Side Hooks to get Assembla for free.

What can You do with Server Side Hooks?

Anything. Automate your workflow - reject commits that you don’t like (no commit message? tests do not pass? does not comply with a coding standard?), trigger events on external services, rename branches... You know, it's software, anything is possible.

People have submitted two hooks so far:

  • A Subversion hook that validates php syntax. Install it and never see anyone committing non-working code again. Thanks Jakub!

  • A Git hook that validates the commit message based on a regex and rejects if it matches. It defaults to looking for “wip” in the message - any commit message containing text “wip” will not be accepted to the repository. Thanks Ido!

This is just the tip of an iceberg of what is possible. Go crazy!

How to participate

  1. Submit a server side hook for Git or Subversion via Merge Request to our hoook repository.
  2. Tweet it out - don’t forget to include @assembla and #serversidehooks
  3. When your hook is accepted and merged by our team, you win 25 Assembla subscription dollars, and your entered to win amazon gift cards that will be given out at random to participants.
  4. Submit as many hooks as you want.
  5. The Subversion and Git hook that is most installed in Commercial spaces at the end of the contest wins an additional 250 Assembla subscription dollars.

As more people submit hooks, we will unlock more prizes.

Submission and Review

Get submissions in by July 31, 2013 to be considered for the contest. We will make our final determination of winners on August 31, 2013. 

Read more about submitting hooks (and our review policy) on the hoook wiki. Refer to this list to see all the participants.

Have fun and good luck automating your workflows!

Need help?

Have questions? Contact us on our dev group.

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