How to Focus your Team with Custom Tabs

Posted by Andy Singleton on May 28, 2013 16:47:00 PM

Michael posted last week about A Developer Dashboard for All Your Tools.   He showed how you can use custom tabs to display external Web pages in your Assembla space.  This is a cheap trick with powerful effects on focusing attention. In this article we will explain how to set up a custom tab.


Go to your Admin tab and select "Tools".  You will find the following panel:

tab add resized 600

Click on the button to add a new tab to the top of your space.  Select the new tab.  You will see a form where you can configure it.

tab form resized 600

Now, sort your tab into the position that you want.  You can go back to the Admin tab and select Appearance.  You will see a Navigation panel where you can drag your tabs into the order you want.

tab order


I get a management report with key financial numbers on a Google spreadsheet. After moving it to a custom tab, I look at it more frequently.

As you can see below, we put Jenkins in a custom tab, and we used our Jenkins oAuth plugin to log viewers into Jenkins with their Assembla accounts.

tabs jenkins resized 600

We keep a lot of monitoring tools in our tab bar:

tab list resized 600

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