Mandatory Code Review for Protected Branches

Posted by Sergiy Golub on April 9, 2013 02:33:00 AM

Assembla Merge Requests adds a great value to code development process. Now it’s time to bring some more automation to the Code Review process. And here comes a new version of Protected Branches for GIT.

Old Flow

Previously, a feature development or a bugfix looked like:

  • Create a new feature branch based on current production master
  • Do some development and push code to new feature branch
  • Go to Merge Requests Tab and create a Merge Request from new feature branch to master branch

New Flow

Now, we have  Protected Branches, where ‘master’ branch is protected by your Tech Leads, it looks as follows:

  • No need to create a new feature branch, do development on master.
  • Push code to origin master

What is going to happen behind the scenes when you push:

  • A new temporary remote branch with ‘assembla-’ prefix will be created and your commits will be pushed to that branch, remote master will stay the same.
describe the image
  • A new merge request from this temporary branch to master will be created, you will see URL to MR in command line
merge request index resized 600

This occurs in 2 cases:

  • When you are a developer without write permission to ‘master’.
  • When ‘Mandatory review’ checkbox is checked for ‘master’. In this case, all pushed code will go through review process, no matter if pusher has write permission or not.
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To continue development on new automatic branch:

$ git fetch origin
$ git checkout assembla_1e65051188
$ echo “Hey, Merge Request Boss!” > WeContinueDevelopment # modify some file
$ git commit -a -m “We continue development to create new MR version”
$ git push origin assembla_1e65051188

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