Assembla: A Look Back at 2012 and a Peek into 2013

Posted by Adam Feber on January 31, 2013 13:36:00 PM

As 2013 ramps up, we wanted to take a moment to reflect and thank you for a successful 2012. Below are some notable improvements our team accomplished in 2012 and a preview of what’s to come in 2013.

2012 Highlights

One of the biggest internal changes we made in 2012 was increasing our release frequency from once a month to daily, and many times, multiple times per day. This allows us to fix bugs quicker, release new features sooner, and ensure smoother releases with no scheduled downtime.

Migrating from iterative to continuous releases has taught us some valuable lessons that we have posted on the blog and presented in webinars. If your team is considering the move toward Continuous Delivery, we highly recommend you check out the resources below and feel free to ask us any questions

A Peek into 2013

In 2013, we're working on "beyond Scrum" agile software development. The current agile methods built around Scrum, co-located teams, post-it-notes, and monthly releases don't work well for our teams. Our teams are globally distributed, growing, and working continuously. The new approach combines task management, code management, online collaboration, and cloud infrastructure to thrust improvements from idea to deployment. Our users are doing it, and we're paying attention, and we're working to package up what we learn.

We kicked off 2013 with the release of our SSH tool, ticket stories with subtasks, improved reports, and various improvements to our UI and global styles. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our team is working hard on many new features and tools that will be released in the upcoming months. If you have a feature request, please submit it on our feedback site.

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