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Posted by Andy Singleton on January 10, 2013 16:52:00 PM

The Tickets tool has an all new reporting UI.  You can find it under the Metrics subtab of the tickets tool.  This is a big leap forward for Assembla.  Our old reports (ticket metrics) were not useful, and we did not use them.  The new reports are redesigned to fit our continuous development process, so that every report has a purpose.

Please go and look at some of your reports, under Tickets/Metrics. You will probably learn something.  I did.  The first thing you will see is the “Contents” page.  This is a list of reports with a picture and an explanation of what the report  shows you.  Here are some new highlights:

Cumulative Flow Diagram

Cumulative Flow is so important that we will post a more complete article about it.  It shows you the status of open tickets, for each day that you have been working on the current milestone.  If you run a Scrum process, it will show you a burnup chart.  If you run a continuous or Kanban process, it will show your velocity, and what status tickets are piling up in.  Here is an article that shows the basic shape of Cumulative Flow.

Here a report for development.  You can see that we stopped doing releases during Christmas break, leading to a bulge in orange "Deploy now" status.

assembla cum flow resized 600


A simple way to see weekly velocity – by number of tickets, or by points.   Use this to see your ups and downs, and to estimate your future capacity.

Here is an Assembla velocity report. We use ticket count (every ticket is one point).  You can see a decline in closed tickets during Christmas week, and a half week (through Wednesday) at the end.

assembla velocity resized 600

Stuck Tickets

If you run a continuous process, you want to focus on tickets that do NOT move to the next step in a short period of time. Those are the things that will cause problems for your lean process.  The Stuck Tickets report shows them.  You enter a number of days, and it shows Current tickets that haven’t moved in that time.

These tickets have been stuck a long time!  I'm asking my guys to fix that.  I cut off the field at the end of the line that shows the date.  It sorts the oldest tickets to the top so you can see the biggest problems.

assembla stuck resized 600

BONUS – User reports

The user report has some nice new graphics.  This report is amazingly useful  for me.  It shows user activity across all Assembla tools.  You can link to it from the Tickets user report, which shows the tickets a user is working on, or from the “reports” link on the Team page.

The left panel shows the times that a user submitted events, in your time zone, or their time zone.  The right panel shows the type of things that they are working on.  The rest of the report shows everything that they are working on, in detail.

You can see that I now have a management job where I comment on tickets but don't post code commits or handle merge requests.  There's a lot more detail further down the report.

user report 3 resized 600


We have a lot of credits for these new features.  Hank Lander worked through the requirements.  Ryan Yeske came in and added sophisticated new data structures to track the cumulative flow.  Felipe Artur, Kivanio Barbosa, and Andres Aguilar implemented the reports.  Paco Lule made design improvements. Leandro Camargo brought all these pieces together to bring the reports to completion. 

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