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Posted by Adam Feber on January 2, 2013 09:42:00 AM

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Assembla is pleased to officially announce the release of Assembla Touch for Android, a free, full-featured app that brings Assembla's task and project management features to anyone with an Android phone or tablet.

The new application syncs with any project that has the Tickets tool installed. From your Android device, you can easily see and search project tasks, create new tickets, edit/comment on existing tickets, view your activity stream, and even attach files such as screenshots and optionally include device info and errors logs as ticket comments – perfect for Android application development and testing.

Note: While Assembla Touch for Android has been available on Google Play for over two months, version 1.0.2 was recently released on December 18th. For those that have found Assembla Touch prior to 12/18, please make sure to update to the most recent stable release.

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Key Features:

Create New Tickets in Seconds:
Think of a great idea or something that needs to be done while you’re on the go? Quickly create a new ticket in seconds. Assign it to a team member to work on or maybe to you to add more details later - either way, it is posted so it will not be forgotten.

Attach Pictures:
It's easy to attach a picture from the phone to a ticket. This is the feature that I use most frequently. Simply sketch something on paper or a whiteboard, snap a picture, and add it to a ticket.

See What’s Going On:
View your full activity stream or filter the stream events for specific projects. Click on ticket activity to access the ticket via the app where you can edit, add comments, etc.

Mobile Development and Testing:
If you have ever developed and tested mobile apps, you know how difficult it can be to pinpoint bugs/issues due to unknowns like what was the state of the device when the error occurred, exactly what device and what version of the OS is it, etc., but Assembla Touch for Android makes this easy.

Test your app from mobile devices. When errors occur, simply snap a screenshot and attached it to a new or existing ticket via Assembla Touch. Include the device info and error logs and now your team can fix the problem without spending excess time trying to diagnose the problem. 

We find this to be extremely useful and a must for anyone testing mobile applications or mobile-optimized sites.

Find What You’re Looking For:
The homepage allows you to easily access tickets assigned to you and tickets you follow. You can filter all project tickets by project, milestone, or user. A search conveniently lets you find the ticket you need, when you need it.

Security On the Go:
Assembla Touch uses HTTPS to communicate with Assembla servers so that your password is never exposed on public networks.  Additionally, authentication and authorization uses oAuth2 so your password is not stored in the app. 

Get the App:

Download the app today on Google Play. For users with iPhones and ipads, learn more about Assembla Touch for iOS devices and download it today in the App Store.

Let us Know What you Think:

Since this is the first official release, we would like to hear from you. Please leave your comments below and we will take them into consideration as we continue to improve the app. 

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