Build your Assembla Merge Requests Gangn..Err Gerrit style with Jenkins

Posted by Titas Norkunas on November 23, 2012 09:40:00 AM
If you hear someone talking about Gerrit, 99 times out of a 100 they will turn the discussion to their Jenkins setup (and oh boy, do I love speaking about Jenkins setups for different workflows!).

We are happy to release Jenkins Assembla Merge Request builder (or JAMRb for short) as an open source project to the Assembla and Jenkins communities.

JAMRb allows you to easily manage Jenkins’ jobs for all your merge requests:
  • Set up template jobs (build, deploy, test) for your mainline and these jobs will be automatically created for any merge request in the project.
  • Merge request got merged or ignored? JAMRb will clean up its jobs without the necessity to bother your Jenkins’ administrators.
  • Want to build the future of your merge request before you merge, not just branches that they are based on? JAMRb will configure Build Parameters for target branch and use the remote of a merge request, so just before build you can verify if merge request applies without errors, otherwise fail build.
  • Works fine with Assembla's Jenkins Auth plugin.

Just to give you a little taste of this, if your merge request view looks like this:

Jenkins before JAMRb:

Jenkins with JAMRb (extra jobs created automatically):

At the moment, this workflow only applies to git, however, merge requests for Subversion are already in beta. If you are using Assembla and SVN (or Perforce) and are interested in this setup, let us know in the comments.

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