Hello to Assembla's New API with OAuth2

Posted by Michael Chletsos on November 8, 2012 14:58:00 PM

Assembla has a problem, where we collect a lot of data and have so many different options on how to analyze and represent data, not to mention import, export, view, report, and organize for your use. We have decided to release a new API. With the new API, you can customize Assembla for your needs.  The API uses OAuth2 to allow for application authorization integration and is based on a REST architecture for ease of use.

Have a New Idea for an application that utilizes Assembla data?  Use the API with OAuth2 to integrate with Assembla.  Or want to create a ticket import script that is custom to your data?  Use the private API Key and Secret to authorize to assembla and communicate with the API.  You can manage your applications and see your API key and secrets from your profile:

api manage apps

Here you can create applications or update already existing ones.  For more information on the API, go to the API documentation site.

We will continue to add methods to version 1 of the API, but will not change the methods already implemented, any new changes will go to version 2.  The old API will no longer be maintained and users of the old API should transition to this new version as it is secure and maintainable. 

Thank you Maxim Cretu and the rest of the team for your continued efforts on putting together the new API.

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