Assembla's Social Collaboration Pack Makes Real Time Feedback Fun

Posted by Andy Singleton on October 25, 2012 17:43:00 PM

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Over the past few months, Assembla has been improving the way team members communicate with each other.

As a result of these efforts, we have seen measurable increases in traffic and collaboration activity by Assembla teams and throughout the system. 


A few months ago, we released @mentions which allow you to type @<user name> in tickets, messages, commits, code reviews, etc. and draw the attention of a team member. 

I can not live without this feature. I have one place to promptly respond to any questions or requests. Apparently our users enjoy it as well with almost half a million @mentions since implementation - and the numbers continue to grow.  

We have made improvements since the first release:

  • Type @ and start typing a team members username OR first name and a drop down selector lets you quickly choose from a list
  • @mention your entire team by typing @team
  • @mention a specific group of team members by typing in @<label name> - example: @designers. You can label team members from the Team tab. 
  • We have added @mentions to your start page

In addition, we have added system notifications in the top bar next to your mentions notifications box. If the triangle lights up yellow, you have a system notification waiting for you. 

Top Bar Assembla

Stream Messages

What if you just want to post an update or send someone an @mention without posting a ticket? You can put a short message, up to 140 characters, directly in the stream using the new data entry box located at the top of the stream. It’s like Twitter or Yammer, but inside an Assembla team space. Want to see what everyone is talking about outside of project tool activity? Just use the filter to only show Stream messages. 

stream messages assembla

Customized Email Alerts

Now the email alert settings under "Stream > Email Notifications" allow you to select a different email alert frequencies for each type of event.  So you can see messages "when an event happens" and reply, but get a daily email summary of commits - you choose what you want to be emailed about and when. Learn more about this update

Improved Search Bar and Simple Shortcuts

In August we upgraded search, so you have more ways to find content using the search field on the top right of every page in a project space. Now, you can use the same form for some other actions:

  • “@andy” will take you to the user report for “andy”
  • “#99” will take you directly to ticket number 99
  • “% This is a stream message for @andy” will make a stream message, with an @mention for user andy

message search assembla

In the future, we will be doing more to turn the search box into a true command bar. For example, the FTP tool and our upcoming SSH deployment tool look at stream events to decide what to do. If we give them a little bit of parsing intelligence, you will be able to type “%deploy production” in the command bar and get what you want.

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