Full-Featured Ticket/Task Management Tool in a Free Starter Package

Posted by Adam Feber on October 2, 2012 11:41:00 AM

Assembla’s free full-featured Tickets tool helps teams plan agile releases and collaborate on tasks.

Months ago we announced our Agile Planner as a free starter package.  Since then, we have improved integration of the Planner with the other ticket views, including the Cardwall view of current team tasks, and the incredibly versatile List view.  To make our offer more useful, we are now giving teams free access to our full-featured Tickets tool for up to 4 users.

What is included in the free configuration:

  • Ticket List view which provides powerful custom reports and layouts. Organize tickets/tasks by release, user, team, etc.
  • Agile Planner View to create, organize, and manage tasks and Agile releases with an elegant drag-and-drop user interface.
  • Cardwall View to visually see tasks as “cards” on a virtual task board and watch tasks move through different stages of the development workflow. Perfect for team using a Scrumban or Kanban methodology. 
  • Ticket settings where you can create custom ticket fields and workflow columns.
  • Metrics such as burndown charts, cumulative flow diagrams, user reports, status reports, and much more.
  • A real-time activity stream and customizable email notifications providing essential project visibility.
  • Assembla Touch, a mobile app that allows your to create and manager ticket from your iPhone or iPad. Android app coming soon. 
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