Collaboration Made Easier: New Ticket Layout

Posted by Michael Chletsos on September 17, 2012 10:20:00 AM

After months of testing and feedback, we will roll out our new ticket layout as the default view to all existing users. The new two-column layout moves the discussion up to focus on the description, comments, and activity, making it easier to read and collaborate on tickets.

Additionally, we have moved ticket information like attachments, related tickets, followers, etc. into a tabbed view which allows us to add new features like related Merge Requests to ticket details. The tab view also provides more room to work on these tabs (file attachments, related tickets, followers, etc.). The right side bar displays the content within the tabs for easy access. 

New Layout:

new ticket layout

Move between old and new layout

If you don't like the new layout, you can go to your ticket/settings page > Default Views > and un-check "New layout enabled."  Before we remove the old layout completely, we will follow up and find out why you are using the old layout.

change default view3


Thanks to the tickets and design team and specifically Maxi Perez Coto and Sergio Romano for putting together the new layout.

Update: We listened to your feedback and made many improvements to the new ticket layout based on the comments below. Learn more here

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