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Posted by Adam Feber on May 15, 2012 11:05:00 AM

After the much-anticipated release of Google Drive, there have been many articles about teams using it for project related collaboration.  With Assembla’s Google integrations, using Google Drive in combination with Assembla results in the ultimate collaboration powerhouse.  

The integration allows team members to link to their Google Drive files from tickets, wiki pages, messages, etc. without having to manually share files though Google’s web interface. No matter what type of Google Drive file, team members will always have instant access because Assembla "shares" the document when a team member clicks on it.

How does it work?:

From within multiple tools of your Assembla Project Workspace, you have the option of attaching a local file or attaching a Google Doc.  For example, you may want to attach a Google Doc to a task.

When you click on the upload a Google Doc option for the first time, you will be taken to a Google page to grant Assembla access to your files – it’s safe and secure.  Once you grant access, you will get a Google file picker pop-up that displays all the files on your Google Drive.

When a file is selected, our integration automatically grants instant access to anyone that is a part of your Assembla team so you don’t have to individually share anything.

google file picker

Working with Google formats (.gdoc, .gsheet, etc.):

Google formatted documents and spreedsheets are ideal for content and requirements collaboration because of their ability to have multiple contributors working on the same web based file.

For example, the marketing team at Assembla is responsible for a lot of content creation and collaboration tasks. Every ticket/task has a Google Doc attached to it where the content comes alive from multiple contributors though drafts, edits, comments, etc. until it is satisfactory. Passing around and uploading new versions would double the time required to complete these tasks.

Working with other file types from your Google Drive:

Google Docs is nothing new but Google Drive adds many new capabilities. With desktop integration, you can now easily add any file to your Google Drive. When you work on the files locally, new versions are synced to the web-based drive.

Attaching these files via “Add a Google Doc” integration is different than just attaching the files via “Add a File” from your computer because they are accessed from Google’s version and not the version you attach. This is better because:

  • When you attach a file from your Google Drive, you can still work on it locally without having to attach an updated version – the Assrmbla link is always the most recently synced version from your computer.
  • These files are accessed directly from Google and not Assembla so you do not have to upload anything. Attach a 100 mb photoshop file or a 1 gb video file and it is instantly available without waiting on uploads.

Assembla’s Google integration is perfect for teams that are using or considering Google Drive but also require a complete suite of integrated collaboration and development tools like tickets, code repositories, deploy tools, wikis, messages, and more. 

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