Acceleration Links #1

Posted by Adam Feber on September 6, 2011 16:50:00 PM

Welcome to the first edition of Assembla’s “Acceleration Links.” Our goal is to provide a weekly list of suggested articles relating to management, methodology, staffing, tools, platforms, frameworks, and cloud resources that can help accelerate your development projects.

Reflections on the 10 years since the Agile Manifesto from Mike Cohn’s Blog – Succeeding with Agile

Quote: “Where does agile go from here? Hopefully two things are in store for us next. First, I’d like all the brands to go away. No Scrum. No XP. No Kanban or lean. No DSDM. No Crystal. Just agile. We saw this happen two decades ago in objects. We had various modeling approaches and methods from Rumbaugh, Booch, Meyer, Jacobson, and others. Those differences were eventually put aside and we now have merely objects and UML.”

What's New in Subversion 1.7 by Michael Pilato at Dr. Dobb’s

Comment: Subversion 1.7 will be released in the next few weeks.  It includes changes to the working copy and protocol to make it faster, and other internal improvements.  Assembla will be adopting Subversion 1.7 in it's Web application, and building new client capabilities such as improved merge.

Five reasons you need to trust your staff (read don't micromanage) by Scott Lowe at TechRepublic

Quote: “Micromanagement. The word is generally construed as a negative management trait to be avoided at all costs. For hands-on, technical people who have come up through the ranks, it can be a tough trait to shed. But, there are five really good reasons you should embrace your inner CIO and let your staff do their jobs.”

25+ Must-have Chrome extensions for web designers and developers from the Webdesigner Depot Blog

Comment: We can see from our Web logs that Chrome is rapidly catching up to Firefox as the most popular browser for developers.  See what it can do with these shiny extensions.

Standing Desks Are on the Rise by Jim Carlton at the Wall Street Journal

Quote: "A growing number of workers at Google Inc., Facebook Inc. and other employers are trading in their sit-down desks for standing ones, saying they feel more comfortable and energized. They also are motivated by medical reports saying that sitting for too long leads to increased health risks."

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