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Posted by Andy Singleton on August 8, 2007 13:18:00 PM
In the last three weeks, we have released over 300 enhancements and bug fixes on  A few of the highlights are new email alerts, correct local time, speed improvements, custom space designs, a Scrum tool for daily reporting and planning, an Images tool for sharing and commenting on images, and our community news site at  Read more below to learn how to take advantage of these improvements.

Go to your user/profile page and set your local timezone.  In the latest release, we will show you times that make sense.

The biggest change is our upgraded email alert system.  We have merged our own alerts for wiki and message edits with the Trac notifications, and added SVN commit alerts.  This gives you more control, and a lot more options than normal Trac notification.  Feeling overloaded? We are offering hourly and daily summary alerts.  Go to the Alerts tab in your space and select the “Settings” bar at the top.

We’ve speeded up page views for people on slower networks by reducing the number of files per page, compressing them, and caching them.  If you sometimes work in Moldova like I do, you’ll appreciate this.

We want to let you customize the style of spaces, with reliable results on all pages in your space.  We rebuilt the style sheet for spaces, and retagged all of the space pages.  We created an initial set of three “themes” – left sidebar, left sidebar flexible, and right sidebar flexible.  These are accessible from the admin/appearance  page.  I was surprised to find that more than 2,500 spaces had selected the left sidebar option.  We will consider making this the default.  Send us your recommendations.

We put up a community news site (like Digg / Reddit / Dzone ) at  Our community is big enough, and smart enough, to benefit from sharing with the larger group.  We have tuned our algorithms to deliver the right news for our audience of high-powered agile development professionals.  Assembla “members” (those who have submitted an agreement to be talent providers or buyers) have more voting points, and we give you a unique option of filtering for “Member” or “Investor” votes only.  So, we’re working to give you quality and relevance.  Please contribute and enjoy.

What are my guys doing, and how can they go faster?  I’m really excited finding out with the Scrum tool.  It’s a page where team members report "What I did", "What I will do", and "Obstacles / what I need".  Then, pop into chat to get everyone moving immediately.  Activate new tools from the Admin/Tools tab in your space.

Use the images tool to collaborate on graphic design.  Share images, view them, examine them close up, and comment on them.  We’ve put in a nice flash browser, which we hope to enhance in the next few weeks with things like line drawing for emphasis.

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