Sept 28th release - a stronger FTP Tool

Posted by Ryan Menezes on October 2, 2009 18:20:00 PM

We've upgraded the FTP tool and made several other improvements in our latest release.

FTP tool supports multiple repositories, servers

We've completed work on two major FTP tool features.

  • You can now deploy edits from your Git repositories as well as from Subversion. We've expanded Subversion support too - the tool now supports svn copy.
  • Edits can now go to multiple servers - you can, for instance, set up a staging server for internal testing and a production server for public view. The FTP tool could deploy to the staging server with every commit but to the production server only when you have a stable build.
Import Trac, Jira to Tickets

You can now import other bug tracking databases to tickets with a single button. We now support Trac, Jira and Mantis, and we plan to import from other systems as well, so tell us which ones you'd like.

We've improved ticket searching. You can search tickets by number, and if your search brings a single response, the tool will take you straight to it.

Other Tool Improvements

If you approve users' messages before they post to your space, your own messages now post without your needing approve them. 

Our Wiki's difference tool now parses textile formatting commands as formatting, more easily displaying text changes.

For a demonstration of the  changes, watch the video on Youtube, or below.

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