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Posted by Adam Feber on July 17, 2013 14:05:00 PM

lux animals

Luxurious Animals
 is a creative agency based in New York City that inspires and engages audiences through interactive digital media such as websites, applications, games and video. Their impressive portfolio boasts well-known brands such as Adobe, Porsche, Bombardier and Morgan Stanley.

Dan Federman, Technical Strategy Director, went on a mission to find the perfect tool to organize and manage both internal development projects and development projects for clients. After searching and evaluating many options such as Asana and Basecamp, Luxurious Animals fell in love with Assembla. “Assembla provides the exact suite of tools our teams need,” said Dan. “If I were going to build the perfect project management application, it would mirror what Assembla has built.”

All new projects begin as project templates pre-configured with the desired tools, settings, milestones and branding, and set up for their typical development workflow. Using Assembla’s project template feature this way allows them to get new projects up and running quickly and easily.

Luxurious Animals uses tickets to manage all projects, from current tasks, to client requests, to their “ice chest” of cool stuff that there may or may not be time to complete. They have customized their ticket workflows to include an “Acknowledged” status for tasks that are at the front of the queue, ensuring the development team understands requirements and knows what to work on next. A daily standup is conducted while looking at the Cardwall view of upcoming tasks, so that the team understands what everyone is working on now, next, and if there are any obstacles to address.

All code is managed through Assembla’s integrated Git repositories. According to Dan, “the Git integration is a big time saver. Developers can easily update tickets via commits, and deploying code to staging and production environments is effortless with the FTP Tool.”

As task and code move from concept to reality, clients work side-by-side with Luxurious Animal staff to do their own testing and analysis. Every client project has the Support Tool installed, allowing clients to directly submit issues and requests from their own testing. This ensures that clients approve changes and features and address issues before applications are released to millions of consumers. Since implementing Assembla into the development workflow, Luxurious Animals has seen a noticeable difference in project release times and client satisfaction.

It has been over a year since Luxurious Animals started using Assembla. “We love how Assembla constantly grows and improves,” said Dan. “It is as if Assembla anticipates all of our needs.”

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