Assembla Launches First iOS App For Enterprise Source Code Management

Laith Dahiyat on December 14, 2017

We’ve always provided developers and their teams with highly accessible, easy to use source code management in the cloud. With the release of the (first of its kind) iOS app for source code management (SCM), we can say that we’ve taken a big step forward in that respect.

Assembla Version Control for iOS allows our community to manage their Git, Subversion and Perforce source code repos from any iOS device, securely in the cloud. It's free and available on the App Store

Why We Built It

Companies run on code, and code is born in version control. We built this app to give developers and managers a new way to collaborate on projects on the go. We live and work in a connected, mobile world. Your projects need to keep moving forward no matter where you and your teammates are.

Since we use what we build, we’re always keeping an eye out for the latest and greatest to make sure we’re providing the best experiences possible. However, every mobile app attempt that we’ve seen in our space was too focused on one repo, the user experience left quite a bit to be desired, and there shockingly weren’t any real-time notifications.

What you’ll download today was  built because our customers wanted it and we wanted to bring something better to the table for our teams everywhere.

What you can do with it

Assembla Version Control makes it easy to manage and monitor your source code and offers some unique features built specifically for users of iOS devices.

  • Monitor your team’s repo activity and performance in real time with push notifications.
  • Grant and deny change access to files with SVN locking.
  • View file diffs and revision information to collaborate with your team on code changes.
  • Don’t leave your teammates waiting to make commits; Perform code reviews from anywhere.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences with the app, and you can be sure that there’ll be more to come by way of updates in the near future.

Download Assembla Version Control for iOS