Assembla is Making Version Control “Enterprise-Ready”

Jacek Materna on September 25, 2017

Today, Assembla put its stake in the ground as the only provider of Enterprise Cloud Version Control powered by Subversion.

For too long, enterprises have had to compromise their most valuable asset, their mission-critical code. CISOs and developers are at odds needing to choose between providing modernized, cloud-based tools to developers, and the compliance and security of an on-premise solution. Today, we are ending the need for risky trade-offs with Enterprise Cloud Version Control.

What is ECVC

After the rise of the cloud, nobody thought Subversion could be done in the cloud because of its centralized and controlled nature. We took that as a challenge. Today, Assembla is offering the enterprise market a choice that goes above and beyond today’s cloud-based developer tools. We are providing enterprise-class SVN, with all the benefits of a centralized, controlled repository, and bringing it to the cloud. This is ECVC.

Assembla has made material investments into the SVN technology and community. These are major updates to the version control system that the community has been requesting for some time. These major enhancements include:

  • SVN Merge Requests to support modern engineering workflows
  • Real-time code search to easily find any function of code instantly
  • Collaboration via code review to support large, distributed or internal  teams
  • Code editing in-workflow  to increase speed and quality of reviews
  • Locking of assets with permissions to control access to sensitive IP
  • Granular user activity reporting to ease compliance reporting
  • Code blame auditing to quickly root cause any bug
  • Protected folders to manage who can commit, where and when
  • Cloud Integrations with JIRA, Slack, Trello, Amazon and others to drive efficiency

Why it Matters

Today’s version control tools do not meet enterprise standards. Git is great for developers, and no one can deny it’s been a widely adopted and used tool, but it is not built for the enterprise. At the same time, investing in on-premise solutions is not a viable long-term  option. Pressure to move to the cloud is real, and compliance and security is table stakes. ECVC solves the issue of enterprises being forced into using tools that do not suit their needs.

Compliance and Security

Assembla is answering compliance concerns of the enterprise by implementing leading standards. Today, Assembla offers the deepest levels of monitoring, proactive vulnerability assessments and compliance-based disaster recovery solutions. Assembla believes that, in addition to endpoint security, application security and network security, securing source code is a crucial component missing from today’s security stack. As recent breaches have shown us, there’s no point in securing an application with backdoor vulnerabilities already built in. Today, enterprises aren’t thinking about security from the ground up and it’s been a detriment to their customers and their revenue streams. We are here to help.

High Availability

Mission-critical tools must be available for use at any given time. Downtime is costly and drains crucial resources in development cycles. Assembla has consistently maintained 99.99% uptime, making it the reliable choice for enterprise version control.

Cross-Platform Capability

Desktop or mobile, Android or iOS, code needs to be accessible and commits need to happen, no matter the platform. Assembla is the only provider of mobile and desktop options for version control across a variety of operating systems and platforms. Assembla makes it easy for distributed workforces to safely and effectively access what they need to maintain productivity.  

The Assembla team has been hard at work, and will continue to make major investments in this space. Stay tuned for more details. If you have questions, or would like to learn more about ECVC and how you can stop compromising with your version control, please reach out.